Sector Nine Bob Marley - Jammin COMPLETE
Sector Nine Bob Marley - Jammin COMPLETE

Sector Nine Bob Marley - Jammin COMPLETE

Bolling and Bounding from over the hill, is a deck that will bend and shape to your will. The Jammin' Deck is a great cruiser to get around on and a solid deck for skidding and sliding, freeride style or grooving with gravity down hill all the way. It offers a combination of stability, reliability and control, with a fresh look, and a fresh feel; deep cut outs allow for the most out of those leans, drop through trucks (Base Plate sits on top of the deck) increases manoverability and control at high speeds. The Construction of the Sector Nine Selection is amungst the best in the industry, with each board taking years to shape test and manufacture, they ensure that your new ride will pop and glide for as long as possible. In this case a combination of bamboo and maple provide strength and flex whilst revealing its natural grain. This board holds a rather neutral rocker and concave which adds to its kindness to newcomers. Comes complete with 180 Gullwing Charger Trucks, 78A, 70mm Sector 9 Sea Glass Green Wheels and abec 5 Bearings.


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