Orca Orca Equip Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Orca Equip Triathlon WetsuitOrca Orca Equip Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Orca Equip Triathlon Wetsuit


The Orca Equip is a mid-range wetsuit from one of the best-known brands in triathlon apparel. Constructed, as are almost all tri wetsuits these days, from SCS-coated Yamamoto neoprene, it uses 2,3 and 5mm panels to give a combination of buoyancy, warmth and flexibility. Despite the fact that it uses 2mm rubber, where many other suits go for 1.5mm in the arms and shoulders, it's surprising how supple the Equip feels in this area.

Fit is close without being restrictive and the neckline is low to reduce chafing. In the water the body position feels quite neutral, and there is a nifty key loop in the zip flap if you need to keep yours safe when diving in for a training sim. 

Performance= 3/5, Value= 5/5, Overall= 4/5


Flexibility- The all new Equip now features 1.5mm arms and shoulders and with the superior InfinitySin lining this suit now achieves a range of motion and flexibility previously associated only with intermediate level wetsuits. 

Buoyancy- An even further enlarged 4mm SCS 39cell Yamamoto front panel extending from chest to below the knee, paired with a 4mm lower back panel provides buoyancy and refines body positioning in the water.

Speed- A fron body fully SCS-coated 39cell Yamamoto neoprene reduces friction while you swim, with the result being you go faster! A larger jersey panel at the back of the legs makes the suit super quick to get off in transition, saving you time where it counts. 

Comfort- Refined panel construction with less seams now means greater stretch and comfort has been achieved in this Equip wetsuit. 


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