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YAK  Kallista Legacy

YAK Kallista Legacy

The Yak Kallista Legacy buoyancy aid is the reincarnation of the original proven and tested Yak Kallista. The Yak Kallista was our all time best selling buoyancy and we are confident the Kallista Legacy will pick up right where the original Kallista left off. The Yak Kallista Legacy is the perfect recreational and multi-pupose personal floatation device. Unrestrictive and eays to don with its front zip and waist belt. The Kallista Legacy also now includes a small front zipped pockets.


Unlike a lifejacket a buoyancy is designed to keep the user afloat but be less restrictive in its design, allowing the user to swim more easily and have greater freedom of movement when out of the water. We recommend the use of a buoyancy with all watercraft regardless of the conditions or the strength of the swimmer.


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