River and coastal trips

Explore the elements that surround Brighton with a new innicative run by the combined efforts of Brighton Watersports and Tribal Wave, check out “Brighton Adventures!!” Armed with a mini bus and trailer, we are exploring the countryside on paddle boards, kayaks and mountain bikes.

We are lucky enough to be living by the sea and the Downs, so lets get out there and enjoy it. Brighton Adventures have already been doing smaller organised downwinder tours, droping off up the coast and paddling with the tide and wind to cover vast distances in very little time, then picking up at a prearranged point further down the coast. This is great for fitness, and eleminates the need to travel back to your departure point. Now with a mini bus, these can be pre arranged for larger groups, and invite kayakers, paddleboarders and kitesurfers to join the trip (experience is required).

The guys from Brighton Watersports and tribal wave, were amoung the first in the country to start paddle boarding back in 2006. They started adventureing up rivers shortly after this to add a little variety and a new challenge for thier paddlers. Taking beautiful routes up the Ouse in and around Lewis or to the Adur to admire parts of the river that can only be seen from the water. It is a wonderful way to keep fit and to admire the stunning sussex waterways. But don’t be fooled, the river needs as much respect as the sea but don’t worry their experienced instructors are on hand and have done all the reasearch to make sure you are prepared and ready for your river trip. Brighton Adventures will also be developing “river fitness”, working with fitness professionals to develop the most natural workout! Brighton Adventures are the first to offer these as a public adventure on local waterways, so the homework has been done by us!