Why not explore the Sussex coast line, cycle into the nature of the South Downs or paddle along our beautiful local rivers?


It is great fun and there are some fantastic sights to see.


South Downs - We are lucky with the South Downs to have many scenic Mountain biking routes that we can take you on, chosing from a moderatly easy route to something more challenging. You can couple this with our river trips and leave your bike and hop into the kayak.

Local Rivers – Sussex has some amazing meandering rivers that are jam packed full of unforgettable scenery which are worth exploring sitting on a kayak or paddling on stand up paddle board.


There are a number of options for the river trips and mountain biking; these two acticities work very well together and make for a great day out in the countryside.


There are 4 main rivers, each with very different character. We have our favourites and we will take you to our special ones.

(We keep these locations secret).


We have mini busses and trailers to move you about, and we can arrange pub lunches for either middle or end of the trip. All trips include equipment, wetsuits, tuition and transport.


Prices do vary from depending on duration of the trip:


- Half Day trip- £55 pp


- Full Day trip- £85 pp (including lunch on request)


Our coastal trips are for the more adventurous, we can’t guarantee a gorgeous flat sea with Dolphins breaching around you, but you never know!!

We do regularly see dolphins off the beach here, but we can never predict when this will happen, seals are another entertaining mammal that often swim by.

Either way, it’s a very peaceful and scenic trip, it’s often said that Brighton is best viewed from the sea!! The white cliffs, the famous piers, and you can also cross the meridian line that is about an hour from our centre.


- Half Day Trip- £55 pp

- Full Day Trip- £85 pp (including lunch on request)

Kayak Adventure Trip
Kayak Adventure Trip